C-MET Thrissur Showcase for ELITEX

Electro Ceramic Materials

  • Electroceramics – Dielectrics and Capacitors
  • Thermistors
  • Actuators & Sensors
  • Alumina substrates
  • Ferrites
  • Nanosized Powder synthesis
  • Ceramic Tape Casting
  • Multilayer Ceramics (MLC)
  • Aerogels and Microwave Resonators.

Dedicated to the furtherance of competent research and development in the firmament of Electronic Materials, the Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) functions as an autonomous registered Society under the administrative control of the Department of Electronics, Govt. of India. With its administrative headquarters at Pune, the Centre distributes its research activities between its three laboratories at Pune, Hyderabad and Thrissur with specific research areas earmarked for each of these three laboratories. The administration and management of the Society are vested with a Governing Council, a Steering Committee and an Executive Committee.

C-MET envisions a concerted endeavour on the part of the Department of Electronics, Govt. of India, to cater to technology development and pilot plant activities of selected electronic materials to meet the crucial requirements of the Electronics industry in our country, exploiting the indigenous resources of minerals and raw materials. This endeavour assumes national significance in the present materials scenario in our country owing to large volume requirements of materials and components for the Electronics industry of our country, currently met through imports. With a view to augmenting the existing indigenous production capacity and curtailing the present trend of resorting to heavy imports to meet the growing requirements, C-MET strives to develop appropriate viable technologies for laboratory scale preparation and pilot-plant scale production of potential Electronic materials employing indigenously available raw materials. Besides catering to research activities earmarked for the laboratories, C-MET also strives to function as a co-ordinating institution for liaison with other research organizations, Institutions, Universities and laboratories in the country and pool out existing technical expertise in these research areas to translate them into economically viable technologies for commercial exploitation. C-MET would also serve as a source of information on materials and their potential applications in diverse fields. In addition, C-MET also has in its agenda, the generation of a comprehensive National Database on Electronic Materials to cater to the utilization and reference of various educational and research institutions spanning over the length and breadth of the country.

C-MET Thrissur was set up in 1991 with a view to furthering the research activities and augmenting the existing state-of-the-art of technology in the sphere of Electroceramics. The centre presently functions in its own building constructed in 1995, located in the picturesque lawns at Athani, fairly well into the suburbs of the Thrissur town.

The guiding objective of C-MET Thrissur is to generate and sustain a sound and competitive technology base by developing the expertise for laboratory scale preparation and technology for pilot-plant scale production of Electroceramic materials and components through economically viable and technically competitive process routes. The wide spectrum of research activities undertaken by the Centre over the past several years have always focussed on the basic undergirding objectives of the Centre which are to develop and deliver at appropriate levels, the Technical know-how, Technical consultancy and Characterization services in the research area of Electroceramics. Interactions with appropriate user industries would ensure efficient utilization of these competent technologies.

Keeping in view, the international scenario of research in the field of Electroceramics and taking into consideration, some central factors such as the available technical expertise, the industrial scenario in the country, the market potential and the availability of the appropriate indigenous raw materials, several thrust areas have been earmarked for C-MET Thrissur, under core programmes, to cater to both short-term and long-term requirements of the industrial sector of our country. C-MET Thrissur has to its credit, successfully executed projects both in the core and sponsored schemes. The multifaceted activities of the centre find expression in the subsequent sections of this document.


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